Why do my headphones sound disgusting?

Solution 1: Avoid locations with a high level of background noise

This is an obvious and simple solution, it’s a pity that in most cases it will not work for best noise cancelling headphones. After all, you need a subway to get to work or study, and for the sake of a song in headphones it’s silly to use another mode of transport.

Solution 2: block out noise

This is one of the best solutions that I can recommend to you. There are several ways to muffle an external noise in order to better perceive music in headphones:

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  1. Use in-channel headphones with a foam ear cushion. Such headphones can significantly reduce the level of external noise. Completely, of course, you can not exclude it, but at least you will start listening to music, not the noise of the wheels in the metro;
  2. If you use headphones open type – stop doing it. Best noise cancelling Headphones open type do not have isolation from the outside world, try switching to a closed-type headphones with a high level of passive noise insulation. About which headphones will suit you most, you can learn by reading a review or feedback on a particular model, there is unfortunately no other solution;
  3. Use headphones with active noise reduction. I think this is the most effective and easy way out. Modern headphones with active noise reduction system protect you very well from external noise, the leader among similar headphones are the BOSE models. There are similar systems from other manufacturers, but in my experience, the BOSE models coped with this task most effectively. In addition, most often these headphones are wireless, so you will not only enjoy listening to music, but also convenient, because there will be no intermittent wires.

Solution 3: increase the volume in the headphones

Do not do this!Technically, if you make the volume of the music in the headphones higher, you will hear it better. But you also significantly increase the likelihood of damage to your hearing, and it will not be possible to restore it. In the metro, you can not adequately assess the volume of the music, which will be loud enough to outshout the sound of the car, but not loud enough not to harm your hearing. Therefore, I recommend that you set and remember the maximum volume level in headphones in a quiet environment. For example, wear the headphones at home, and start increasing the volume on the phone. On the screen you will see the volume slider. Remember its position, when you sound will sound loud and not comfortable, and never exceed it. In the subway, you might think that the music is playing quietly, but looking at the volume slider on the screen you can easily understand, that you do not need to increase the volume. It is better to drive a couple of stations without best noise cancelling headphones at all than later to suffer from hearing loss.

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