The Test of the Initial Sewing Machine Singer

You are a beginner in sewing and are looking for a sewing machine that is reliable , functional and economical for all types of home repairs. Benefiting from the know-how of the world-renowned Singer brand , this Singer Initiale sewing machine is without doubt the model you need. Let’s look in detail at the features of this mechanical sewing machine .

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A Perfect Machine to Start

The Singer Initiale is a sewing machine mainly for beginners seamstresses or more generally to people wishing to acquire a first sewing machine without breaking the bank. Perfect for starting sewing and doing small jobs of everyday life (hem, curtains, tablecloths etc …), the machine is easily taken in hand despite a user manual not always very clear. Indeed, for beginners, the start of the machine can be a little tedious. Explanations on threading are not always very clear. But do not panic because many tutorials, available on YouTube, can enlighten you on the subject. Once┬ápreparation of your successful sewing machine , the Singer Intiale is let in hand and handle with great simplicity.

A Simple Sewing Machine

The machine has two knobs to allow you to select your sewing stitch from the preset patterns. The second will allow you to vary the length of your point and only the length. The width of the points is unfortunately not adjustable on this model but for this price, difficult to blame him. To have this option, turn to more complete machines (but also a little more expensive) like the Singer Tradition 2263 or the Brother CS10 . In total, this mechanical sewing machine offers 10 stitches Adjustable including several straight stitches , zigzag stitches, some decorative stitches and an automatic buttonhole in 4 steps . No frills with this machine but largely enough to make routine sewing work for the whole family.

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The many benefits of the initial Singer

For maximum ease of use, the Initial Singer features manual thread tension adjustment and a free arm to allow you to sew sleeves or pant legs with ease. The wire threading is simplified with the help of a small hook. The worktop is fully illuminated for neat finishes and better visual comfort. The rheostat pedal supplied with the machine makes it possible to adjust the speed of rotation of the 6 claws under which the vertical position is locatedfor the can. To reinforce the beginning and the end of your sewing stitches, the machine benefits from the reverse function for solid seams.

  • His price
  • Easy to use
  • Quick start
  • The many accessories provided
  • Width of non-adjustable points
  • Manual not very clear
  • Absence of rigid hood

In addition, this Singer sewing machine is supplied, basic, with an accessory kit including several elements for an immediate use of the machine:

  • A pair of scissors
  • A pocket of hand needles
  • A thimble
  • Two reels of sewing thread
  • A manual needle threader
  • Safety pins
  • A needle-laying
  • A ruler

However, it is recommended that you practice a little before actually getting started in the realization of your first pieces. The machine can withstand large thicknesses of fabrics (fine, thick, multilayer, leatherette, jeans or jersey for example) as long as you do not abuse it. For this price, no surprise also since you will not be entitled to a hard protective cover as on some models of the brand but just a thin cover to cover and transport your machine.

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