The Clear Definition of Plagiarism

Illegal things are rampant nowadays. Because of that, rules and policies are being made and the authorities make sure that these are always being followed and those who don’t will get punished. Plagiarism is one of these illegal things. However, as interesting at it may sound, plagiarism does not have a clear definition known to most people. Because of that, a lot of people still commit plagiarism, most of which are being done on an accidental basis. For this reason, you should have a clear definition of plagiarism. This article will discuss exactly that one to you.

Plagiarism – On a More Formal Note

Several books and dictionaries define plagiarism to be an act of using the idea of another person as if it was one’s own. Therefore, it is the thievery of idea or knowledge. For instance, a student commits plagiarism when he or she uses the idea of another person to his or her paper without saying that it was not his or her own. Therefore, what she has done is that she has stolen the idea of the person. On another note, plagiarism is the act of using the idea of another person without giving credits to the owner. So one can acknowledge the fact that he or she is not the original owner of an idea. But if she fails to cite or acknowledge the owner, then plagiarism is still being committed.

Most plagiarism occurs in the form of writing. Ideas and knowledge embedded in sentences or paragraphs are usually the ones that can get stolen by other people. However, beyond academic writing, plagiarism can also be committed by stealing other people’s works such as paintings, photographs, or any other similar things.

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Should You Always Avoid Plagiarism?

Not avoiding plagiarism is a no brainer. Since it is considered as one of the most serious illegal activities done especially on the academe, then you should make sure to avoid plagiarism all the time. Of course, you do not want to get punished for committing plagiarism. Also, try to have some respect to the author of the information. What is he or she has sacrificed a lot of things just to generate that idea and you just steal that away from him – this would be a very bad thing to do.

Avoiding plagiarism does not benefit anyone but you. If you plagiarize in your written works, then what is all your learnings for? Where will you use your stock knowledge? Thus, when you try your best ultimately on your own to write a paper, then you are sure to learn a lot and master all the skills in writing.

How Can You Avoid Plagiarism?

There are different ways to avoid plagiarism. Most of them can be learned by using various writing techniques. However, also one of the most effective ways to avoid plagiarism is to use the free plagiarism checker. This tool will help you detect if the piece of work that you are writing is committing plagiarism. So with such alerts, you can know when to modify your piece.

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