Carcam K2000 Dash Cameras

The Carcam K2000 dash cam, also called the K2000 is a excessive definition dash cam that information 720p at 30fps. despite the fact that advertising and marketing fabric indicates this digital camera can record at 1080p at 15fps, this isn’t real. The 1080p video is actually interpolated. The Carcam K2000 camera is based totally on a Novatek processor (click image to amplify).

there are numerous versions of this digicam to be had and it’s miles quite tough to ensure you are getting a excessive nice one. This camera was once very popular however it’s far hard to find the “excessive first-rate” variations for sale any extra. maximum of the variations for sale are terrible nice.

K2000 fashions

there are many variations of this camera available:

  • K2000 with R210 sensor
  • K2000 based totally on DV Turnkey platform
  • mystery MDR-670 based totally on DV Turnkey platform (Russian model)
  • P5000 based totally on DV Turnkey platform
  • K2000B with BaiDa sensor
  • There also are many fakes which have terrible photo excellent and ought to be prevented.


The R210 model is considered the first-class version of the K2000. The R210 sensor is 1/4″ and might take pictures up to 12 megapixels. It has the great video exceptional of all K2000 cameras. the perfect way to determine if you have an R210 model is primarily based on the firmware. R210 usually include the subsequent firmware variations:

  • DVPLS100B17 (no longer too commonplace)
  • DVPLS100B18 (very commonplace and referred to as the unique K2000)
  • DVPLS100B23 (not too commonplace)
  • DVPLS100B30 (very commonplace and called the state-of-the-art K2000)
  • The DVPLS100B18 R210 version is the older version and normally came with a flat
  • lens (see left image underneath). The newer DVPLS100B30 commonly got here with a convex lens (see proper picture under). unluckily the image best of the authentic flat
  • lens is higher than the more recent convex lens.

For more info:

DV Turnkey

the next fine model of the K2000 is primarily based on the DV Turnkey platform. additionally this digicam frequently comes with a “Made in Japan” decal on it. the very best manner to decide when you have an DV Turnkey version is based on the firmware. DV Turnkey cameras normally include the following firmware variations or similar:

  • DVPLSV010.110727
  • DVPLS100B14.110714
  • DVR-B709.110920-B
  • DVR-B709.110907-C
  • DVR-R=B709.1101130-A
  • DVR-B709.1101215-A
  • faux K2000

there are many faux Carcam K2000 cameras for sale. the subsequent are normal characteristics of a faux K2000:

  • No silver ring around the lens (typically black)
  • No HDMI connector or HDMI connector protected with a decal
  • Firmware now not similar to indexed above
  • avoid all faux K2000 since the video satisfactory is extraordinarily negative.
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